Liz Esguerra

Liz Esguerra

As a Life Mentor, Actress, Influencer, Professional Dancer Energy Healer, with an emphasis in Theta Energy Healing & a Reiki Practitioner I want to help people and be an inspiration in their lives. By providing the guidance and tools to help my clients & students activate their truest self to be placed in alignment with their life purpose. It’s possible to heal yourself as long as you’re consistent and show up for yourself that’s what matters! I facilitate with Chakra alignment and help attune the soul to tap into the remembrance of your souls greater healing. I hope to help my clients & students by providing the assistance they need with transformation of their lives in love, life purpose, prosperity, abundance, relationships, health, family life & finances. 

As long as you remember you have the ability to manifest all your desires, continue to have faith that everything you seek will transpire into your existence in this world. Everything will prosper so long you keep on shinning your light within! 

Sending you all tons of love!