I participated in a couple of Dance projects. Here are a few to showcase with people from my past, present & future. All Light Workers, Angels, Guides & Creatives of our Planet. I am very grateful to the people involved who put these projects together behind the scenes. You all made this happen for me.

Zoey Dollaz & Chris Brown “Post & Delete”

Role: Lead Freestyle Dancer

Katy Perry “Swish Swish”

Role: Lead Background Dancer & Audience Member/Sign Holder

Brita Commercial “King Bach & Stephen Curry”

Role: Lead Dancer Cheerleader

Mario "Let Me Help You"

Role: Lead Background Party Goer

Event: Sema Car Show 2017

Company: PowerAutoMedia

Role: Lead Host & Model

Jaz Dhami “Oye Hoye Oye”

Role: Lead Friend & Freestyle Party Goer & Hand Model

Mor Furniture Commercial

Role: Lead Actress

Bart Baker “Black Beatles Parody”

Role: Lead Actress & Model

"I love the Summertime!“ @tangoleadaz & @jasonfacey

Role: Lead Dancer

Sesame Street Parade

Company: Sea World San Diego

Department: Entertainment

Role: Dancer

Shiggy Challenge

Company: Bossy Kennels

Role: Dancer

Daya Luz “Depois Não Chora”

Role: Atmosphere Model

Hopsin “NO SHAME”

Role: Paparazzi

Jason Facey “Phuckery!”

Role: Dancer

Liz Esguerra Entertainment & Hospitality Resume


Commercials 2012-Present

·       MOR Furniture Commercial –

o   Role: Lead Non- Speaking Mother

·       Faveo Moving Company Apple App Commercial –

o   Role: Lead Employee

·       Nike Commercial –

o   Role: NBA Wife

·       Brita Water Commercial –

o   Role: Lead Cheerleader

·       Holonis Company Commercial –

o   Role: Lead Business Investor

·       Discount Tire Commercial

o   Role: Lead Speaker as Employee

Music Videos

·       Zoey Dollar Feat. Chris Brown “Post & Delete”–

o   Lead Freestyle Dancer & Actress/Model

·       Jazdhami  “Oye Hoye Oye”  –

o   Lead Friend, Party Goer & Hand Model 

·       Katy Perry “Swish Swish” –

o   Tigers Fan/Background & Dancer

·       Mario “Let Me Help You” -

o   Lead Party Goer & Background Dancer 

·       Hopsin “No Shame”

o   Lead Paparazzi

·       Jason Facey “Phuckery”

o   Dancer

·       Daya Luz “Depois Não Chora”

o   Atmosphere Model



·       SEMA Car Show

o   PowerAutoMedia Host & Model

Model Brand Ambassador


·       LA KUSH PADs:

o   Dispensary’s in Palm Dessert


·       VAPEN

o   KABOO Festival San Diego


·       Bud Light:

o   Charger’s BudLight Tailgate Events.

o   Athletic Events throughout San Diego to Los Angeles.

·       ORBIT Gum:

o   Events/Festivals throughout San Diego

·       VITA FUITE: 

o   Store Vender locations throughout San Diego



·       Sea World San Diego – Sesame Street Parade

o   Position - Dancer

·       Fit Kids of America

o   Position - Hip Hop Choreographer & Dance Coach

·       Culture Shock Dance Center- Team: Shock Army


·       Millennium Dance Complex  (Hip hop, Jazz Funk, Popping & House) Mesa


·       Novu Girls Dance Team

·       The Model Experience – Runway Model House of Blues


·       John Casablancas San Diego

o    Acting Classes: Improv, Runway, Commercial, etc.


·       Patrick Henry high school Competitive Cheer Team


·       Juanita Franco Academia de Flamenco          

Cocktail Waitress, Gogo Dancer, Host & Social Media Promoter


·       Onyx Nightclub – Cocktail Waitress

·       AD Nightclub – Host & Promoter

·       Dive Day Club- Host & Social Media Promoter

·       Spin Nightclub – Cocktail Waitress & Social Media Promoter


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