SD Voyager: "What's the Best Advice You've ever received?"


Breathe taking moment.

I was not expecting this opportunity to present itself, but it did unexpectedly.

The best part of this opportunity was the priceless moment of excitement on my parents faces when I showed them that their daughter has indeed made a huge impact in San Diego.

As I continue to step into my life purpose as a leader and entrepreneur I can share that I have embarked on this new journey in a space where I feel vulnerable but GUESS WHAT?! I did it! The opportunity to grow and self reflect on all my accomplishments by just a simple question. As I continue to grow in life I feel this opportunity to be featured is truly a self inspiring moment for me because I really made an impact in my city in a positive way.

I have to thank SDVoyager for this feature!

This is just unimaginable.

Talk about a self reflection moment.

I have come so far in my journey in this life and this is barely the beginning stages to a new chapter.