Reflections after Flower Shower Ceremony


First, I want to acknowledge Nicole for helping me…

open my mind and heart to co-hosting this ceremony. It’s been a long time coming, yet it was such a beautiful experience to truly step into my Truth.


My truth is, I am an Energy Healer. For some of you this might not make any sense at all. In fact, when I found out on my balcony in Los Angeles June 5, 2017 I was also so afraid of my TRUTH. I was confused with my Power, confused with why God placed my Life Purpose at such a high expectation. So, with anything in Life that does not make sense, I would hide from the TRUTH. Like a Spider hides in mystery, hiding in the shadows, I also would hide from my power. So, I decided to walk in scarce of the idea of actually being a healer, so instead, I would just dance. Dance until I could truly heal from my TRUTH. I was so confused with why God and I made a contract before I came to Earth to live this life of Energy healing. So, I would meditate, pray & visualize until things would start to make sense.

The most important step for me came up from when I walked into my ACCEPTANCE as a Healer. By walking & living in my TRUTH I have been able to transition the FEAR by overcoming and opening up to how I feel about my TRUTH. When I went to INDIA last month, my HEART blossomed open. As do flowers grow and open up to the world and become beautiful totems, my heart opened up. I also became very clear upon the business idea of offering my healing services through what has been years upon years, working on my confidence, my TRUTH, my energy healing on myself. I always felt I had to be this perfect Angel in order to offer healing to others. Which in fact, has some TRUTH, but once I realized other women just wanted a support system, wanted friends, wanted other women to lean on for advice, for guidance and for extravagant experiences like traveling, dancing, making money and living the life of all beautiful things this world has to offer. Let’s just say, I have opened up to that idea. In a way where yes we can ALL HEAL and we ALL ARE HEALERS, because that is what we do. WOMEN are the gateway creators and healers of this world. So, I have taken what I have always just done for myself, and have created a unique style of energy healing and have combined it to what I like to explain it as “Energy Dance Healing.” A beautiful work of art that combines energy healing with dance, the auric field to be cleansed, open and protected. A way where our chakras can become in alignment with the spirit world and material word, the combination of the Universal energy of this world in combination with Earth energy, which comes from Hearts center. Through unconditional love of the heart, this style is a true reflection of what for me is my style of self-love, sensual energy of self by having women step into their Goddess energy, and be uplifted through confidence. Because let’s face it ladies. Men love a women who can walk in their confidence. So, let’s tap into that Unconditional Love from God. God resides within all of us. Both the Masculine and Feminine of this world will become united as one when the TRUTH of all our humanity existence is acknowledge in TRUTH.

How can that happen though?

Well, Ladies and Gentleman. It begins with ourselves first…

Forgiveness. Forgiveness of ourselves. The Forgiveness of reflections of ourselves in others. When I began this path back in 2012 when I opened the Holy Bible and began to read and question. “Well, who is God anyway? Why do we live on this place called Earth? Who created this World we exist in, and why don’t some of us even know who God is?”

The power of the WORD. Our words create the energy field around our very existence. Protection, Light, Health, Wealth, Abundance, Healing, Experience, Yoga, Happiness, Joy, Travel, Food, Meditation. Each word is a short Prayer sent out to the world we exist in. Once recognized, your words become this powerful force behind the feelings, emotions and intentions portrayed. It is super important to reach out into the world you live in and recognize your speech. The self-talk that comes up in our mind is the first, and foremost important reflection of all. We wake up each day, sleep, eat, walk, breathe & sleep in our mind. If we do not acknowledge our self-talk, we ourselves can become our own poison. A small shift of changing your perception in life about yourself can create the most magical vibration in a positive uplifting way.

Thanks for tapping in with my Blog. Never thought I would finally express my words in such a beautiful way through writing a blog. I have a lot to say and share so my website has become my place of creation. It’s super exciting to share and grow with all of you. Those who have followed my journey from the beginning or those barely stepping in, I appreciate you all. Sending you all lots of love. Cheers darlings. Xoxo 😊


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