Stay Awake & Have Faith


Through my own experiences, I am able to help shift the weight and burdens that stop you from your potential. It took me 8 years to come to this point. There was anxiety, stress and depression that affected my life. Food was no consolation and substance was only a temporary relief. Spending time driving to the beach, thinking and meditating on what I needed to do in my life gave me perspective and I started forming the ideas I had buried deep inside that were worthy. I was seeking God or my God-force (consciousness) where ever I could because I felt I was ready for change. I would listen to the ocean waves and tapped into plugging in my headphones listening to top 10 successful stories of selective entrepreneurs, motivational speakers, and music artist celebrities, I found the the inspiration to move forward. My spiritual life sparked!  Yoga, weight lifting, and my certification process as a Reiki Master was the rebirth process to a new beginning, leaving behind broken relationships, false friendships, rebuilding a good financial status that helped the low Self- esteem from the past. My hell was my greatest gift and blessing and guess what I can also help you achieve the “You, as you’re own true Guru”.

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Thanks to my Friends, Family & Followers/Fans for being my greatest support system! I am truly grateful for all you and your continuous support!

Sending unconditional love, light, healing, protection, abundance, health and wellness in all areas of you life. Cheers Darlings!

-Liz Esguerra

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