Sex, Love and Astral Traveling Part 10

March 26, 2019

I know most say that he was just seeking Patience

But I end up thinking about Popping champagne on Sunday Funday’s

Facilitating drunk bitches at AD, while he sold the white

Although, that doesn’t pertain to my reflections anymore

So, I just book flights to foreign countries

Visualizing my future

Manifesting the abundance I deserve in all areas of my life

It’s who I am now

I don’t have to hide my lifestyle or the way I think

So if you don’t like my lingo

And the light language is out of your league

Well that just means we outgrew the field

I’d rather be watching court side with my girl’s anyway

As we count our Benjamin’s

The type you use to wipe sweat off asses

of the girls in strip clubs in Atlanta



Dealin with this life there’s highs and lows

But I still aim to keep my vision high

so big Shout out to the Lord, God

To the feminine and masculine aspects of Source energy from the Universe

To keep us moving


All I have now is far and few to my name

And the Faith holds me together

In all i do



There is no right or wrong.

It’s about being present in the moment and feeling out the vibes.

And if the vibe is not there than I guess you need to move on.

In this case, I wasn’t conscious of my actions in the past and I cannot go backwards now, but I wish I could’ve been more present and show you I do care more than friendship.

Only time will tell now I suppose.

I will never chase a man.

I can only continue on my path and if he’s meant to be for me.

He will reach out to me.

But I also know I can’t wait forever.



This is for the legacy not for the follows

I’m just saving up for my future kids

And learning to be a better woman for my future self'

I never hide in the dark

So you’re hiding will reveal itself when it comes to the light.

Keeping these chakras aligned as we sleep



I’m too fly to be messing around with clowns. So you better make sure your Aura is Lit and so is your Crown.



I would rather be single and happy than miserably laying next to someone who fcks multiple women.

I would rather be pure, celibate and single than having sex with someone who’s energy is sad and doesn’t love me for me.


Today: I managed to find time to get back on this blog and reflect on some of my pains.

Man I be going through it.

Although, sometimes my soul is sad. On most days out of the week I am 81% percent Happy! :)

Have a wonderful Monday!

-Liz Esguerra

Liz Esguerra