Sex, Love & Astral Traveling Part 6

Hello Ladies & Gents,

I just have to say the following. Not sure if you’ve noticed for the past few years, but I have been apart of different industries. One of them being the Music Industry.

That part of my life was manifested through visualization and the Lord. Which is Source energy.


In 2017, I manifested an experience I will never forget.

I received a phone call from a friend. He asked me if I could freestyle dance and I said YES.

A production was looking for a freestyle Latina Dancer.

Since I had nothing but free time I took the offer of $50 with the title: “Latina Freestyle Dancer.”

I never asked who the artist was.

After being on set for a couple minutes, I noticed a familiar voice. Of course I would know who’s voice it was.

Chris Brown was featured on a song titled “Post and Delete” by Zoey Dollaz.

At the time, I found out on the outside I was happy. But deep inside I was upset for the reasons of how much I got paid to be apart of this role. You know how many people work so hard to work with this guy.

Well, I guess I was humble and just worked my role. Besides, the chances of Chris Brown being on that set were very slim. At least, that’s what my ego thought. Later, I found out. Guess again Ego!

Than I saw him walking on set. I was so stuck. I couldn’t even speak or move. I remember one of the production photographers approaching me. And asking:

“Liz are you okay?”

Me: “Yeah, I am just trying to figure out how and when I manifested this.”

I wish my energy was a lot more confident and stronger back than but it wasn’t.

To be completely honest. I remember I had hit rock bottom during this time in my life. I was broke mentally, I had lost a lot of weight, I was going through a hard break up and somehow the music is what kept me going. So, humble back than. But also insecure with my self-esteem.

2 years later… I look back on this experience and realized. I have manifested Chris Brown on two other occasion in my life. Trust me it is not normal for just anyone to manifest Chris Brown. That is in fact not normal. But for some reason I have always attracted the athlete’s and the Hip Hop industry.

This year I manifested working for a company called “The Original Jack Herer,” which opened the door to connect with Chris Brown again at Jamie Foxx’s house.

But again, my fear and my ego got in the way.

My energy was so fearful of Chris Brown’s entourage and I was intimidated by all the women he was surrounded by. There was an incident at the party where I noticed I was:





All the above does not come from a place of love.

Why did I feel all those things? I strongly believe my energy towards not trying to acknowledge Chris Brown is because I have been upset with him. With the situations online that were displayed throughout the years. I must say this week that all changed.

I finally thoroughly watched “Chris Brown Welcome to My Life” documentary on Netflix twice.

And I took another chance of listening to his most recent album called: “Indigo.”

Let’s just say. I took a lot of my healing modalities and applied the process of mental healing through Reiki & Meditation to reflect on Chris Brown’s energy. And how he has impacted my life through his music. And realized that the night of the Jamie Foxx party I was upset with him. I NEVER EVEN HAD A CONVERSATION with the GUY but my spirit was sad because of his actions in the past.


After listening to “Sorry Enough” on the Indigo Album.

Chris Brown I forgive you.

If I had the chance to go back in time, and was given the opportunity to meet him in person, yet again. I would have taken the chance to walk up to him and say the following:

Dear Chris Brown,

I’ve been working on my inner healing. And I watched your documentary on Netflix, & I’ve been listening to “Sorry Enough” on your most recent album. #onrepeat

And I just have to say. I forgive you for all your mistakes throughout the years. You gained one of your Number One Fans back! Honestly, day one since before Drake. Sorry Drake.

Thanks for the shout out on that Travis Scott album on the song “Sicko Mode.” “Wet like I’m Lizzy.” lol

But apparently I have been following Chris Brown’s energy for years.

I can remember my first experience around you Chris Brown.

It was when I was 16 years old. Not many know this but MTV’s TRL use to host their Summer Kick off’s at Mission Beach in Belmont Park near the roller coaster. They would host their show and have people perform next to the beach. I remember I ditched the last day of school that year to go watch Chris Brown’s performance. I wish I would have said Hi back than. We were all kids. But I could remember young Chris approaching my friend with the bigger booty who was standing next to me. As, I watch hopelessly.

Second encounter, 2017 I was the girl with the curly hair sitting behind you Chris Brown on the couch of the “Post & Delete” music video shoot with Zoey Dollaz. I was the random girl on the couch with the laptop and the curly hair sitting behind you.

I’ll post the picture on my instagram again, because apparently when I was upset I deleted it. Oops, must have been that Post & Delete energy.

Most recent encounter, I was at the Jamie Foxx’s house party in the recording studio when I was the Sales Rep for The Original Jack Herer. I was the girl with the flowers. Well I had shake and I was helping people make joints. I had my back turned towards you back than too. And I was upset that night because someone approached me prior to you entering the room announcing you were entering the room. I was so upset.

Even after the studio room I had another chance to talk to you. But when I finally saw you closely in person I didn’t take that moment either because I realized. I was looking at the person Chris Brown, but I heard one of your songs begin to play in the Dj room. At that moment, I knew it was your music that I have always loved.

Honestly, after everything that was talked about on the media. From the anger management, to the terrible experiences of being young in love with Rihanna, etc etc blah blah.

I have realized two things.

People change.

And you should Forgive People for not knowing better.

Because if you don’t know better. How can you do better?

So, I want to say: Thank you indigo Chris.

From another Indigo.

I FORGIVE YOU and Thank you for this Indigo Album!

What’s football season again? lol


Chris Brown’s team thank you to all the wonderful people that are surrounded by the Chris Brown team. I hope to one day have my loyal team around me as we rise together! This year has been for me about building our empires. And what I have just discovered is the following:

Everyone on Earth is on the same TEAM. The Lord has created a great team of light beings.

Whether you believe it’s the Universe, or Source. God, The Lord. We are all on this same Earth Plane. So let’s continue to rise here so we can be better on the Astral Plane and even better after this life onto the next.


Ending this post with the following lyrics:

Oh, sorry, I wanna love you
Don't want too many bad decisions
Sorry, I wanna love you
It wasn't my intentions, girl, to hurt you
No way

Said you need space from me
I never felt love but it feels like I'm falling (falling, falling, huh, yeah)
I know you got niggas on your line callin' (callin', callin')
Them niggas never gon' put their all in (all in, all in)

I can't say sorry enough, enough
I can't go back in time, for you
I know it when we lovin' (ooh, love)
Believe in me again like I believe in you

I can't say sorry enough
(Sorry, I wanna love you)
(Sorry, I wanna love you)
I can't say sorry enough
(Sorry, I wanna love you)
(Sorry, I wanna love you)
(Sorry, I wanna love you)

Shawty, I wanna fix it
Anything and everything
Whatever you tell me, baby, I'll be with it
Name somebody else who got you
Say their names and I'm up in it (uh)
And tell them girls that's with you
"Go ahead and mind your business"
Yeah (yeah)

Said you need space from me
I never felt love but it feels like I'm falling (falling, falling, huh, yeah)
I know you got niggas on your line callin' (callin', callin')
Them niggas never gon' put they all in (all in, all in)

I can't say sorry enough, enough (sorry, baby)
I can't go back in time, for you (ooh, for you)
I know it when we lovin' (when we lovin', ooh, love, ooh)
Believe in me again like I believe in you

So I can't say sorry enough, enough (I'm sorry, baby)
(Sorry, I wanna love you) huh, ooh
(Sorry, I wanna love you) ooh
I can't say sorry enough ooh, baby
(Sorry, I wanna love you) oh
(Sorry, I wanna love you) ooh, ooh

Ooh, baby, tell me what you want
I done done 'bout everything
Buried all those parts of me
Ooh, let me find the remedy
It's clear that you're not over me
It's clear that I'm not over you
How many times will it take for me to say, "I'm sorry" to you, baby?

I can't say sorry enough, enough
I can't go back in time, for you
I know it, when we lovin', who knows
Believe in me again like I believe in you

I can't say sorry enough
(Sorry, I wanna love you)
(Sorry, I wanna love you)
I can't say sorry enough
(Sorry, I wanna love you)
(Sorry, I wanna love you)

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Sorry Enough lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group


Hope everyone has a wonderful evening! Cheers Ladies & Gents,

Liz Esguerra

Liz Esguerra