Sex, Love and Astral Traveling Part 4

Do I honestly want to write about anything today?


I had a lot of healing done this week.

I went to Divine Grace Today in Solana Beach on Wednesday.

And Today a lot of Family issues came up!

The results have been successful, in healing though. So lot’s of blocks being cleared.

As of right now my mind, body and spirit need rest.

I will end the night with this share for all of you who are following my blogs.

If you have insomnia and don’t smoke Indica.

Listen to the following:

When I was seeing my one on one Reiki clients. I would recommend meditating to the above link.

Also, outside of seeing clients. I only gave the link to a couple of friends, and two important men in my life I deeply care about.

Do you know how to meditate?

If you don’t, I offer sessions.

Not interested in paying? Do your own personal research on meditation.

Go online, read books or ask your local Yoga Studio what is meditation.


and Yawns

Good night!

Liz Esguerra