Sex, Love and Astral Traveling Part 1

During the early age of my teenager years I encountered my first experience of love and lost my virginity.

But this blog is not about my exes and what they did to me. This is about how I encountered my first Astral Travel Experience.

To not put anyone on blast I will use the following characters as symbolism’s of emoji’s:

Liz’s Friend in high school = 🍒

Liz’s First Boyfriend = 👱

Liz’s Cheer Teammate = 👧🏿

Liz = Liz

It all began at the age of 15, I remember 👱 starting to hangout with a new group of friends. 👱 also started hanging out with other people after school. Usually, 👱 would come over to my house right after school. After my parents would leave for work. But this time around 👱 had a different pattern. I did not say anything at the moment, but I also noticed 🍒 getting closer to 👱. My thought process was that 🍒 is just a friendly person.

Random night, I feel asleep and had my first astral travel experience.

(For the purpose of using terms correctly, this was a vision during my dream state of mind. But I was really astral travelling to my friend.

Google: When we dream, we have out-of-body experiences on the astral plane. Astral projection involves getting into a meditative state, consciously moving your astral body out of your physical body, and traveling around on the astral plane

My experience: OR in the past I would astral travel to other people in the dimension of the astral plane but still here on this earth plane where both the astral plane and Earth plane are parallel to each other. (If this does not make sense to you, you can schedule a energy healing session with me and I will further explain).

Okay back to my story.

So, random school night, I feel asleep and had my first astral travel experience.

The astral projection began with me being in a room, but I could only see 🍒 and hear her voice.

🍒’s Voice: “But mom I don’t know what to do. Liz is my friend, but I think I am starting to fall in love with 👱.“

🍒’s Mother’s Voice: “Well you need to follow your heart.”

🍒’s Voice: “I just cannot help how I feel and I don’t want to hurt anyone.”


I wake up. My heart racing fast and I am sweating. No way could this possibly be true. haha I laughed, no way possible.


Next day at school.

I approach 🍒 and verbally share with her the random “dream/vision” I had the night prior. I remember I did not even give 🍒 a chance to respond.

Instead I said: “I know you would never do that to me.”

We both walk away and continue our day.


Keep in mind, at age 16 I did not even know what astral traveling was. I just knew when you went to bed, you just dream.


I only told one other person about this vision, which is 👧🏿.


A couple of days have passed. And I forget about the dream, until it is brought up again.

I am sitting in 7th period/class with my team and I. I sit right in front of 👧🏿. I noticed 👧🏿 is upset.

Me: “What’s going on 👧🏿? Why do you look so upset.”

👧🏿: “Well, I have two friend’s and I care about both of them equally the same. But one of them is hiding something from the other and I don’t know how to handle it.”

Me: “What, who is it? What happened?”

👧🏿: “Well, you remember that dream you told me about that you had…”

Me: “👧🏿 you don’t even have to tell me the rest. I already had a feeling it was all true.”

👧🏿: “Yes. I am so sorry.”

Me angry: “It’s not your fault.”

***bell rings to dismiss class/school

I walk towards the front of the school where usually my friends and I would meet. And I see 🍒 approaching me and starts crying.

🍒 crying: “I’m sorry, but…”

Me interrupting 🍒 : “You don’t even need to tell me. I already know.” SMH 😠

🍒 begins to cry. 😢 As she is crying, I am just standing there. More pissed than ever before.

And than to make things even more upsetting in that moment.

I see all our group of friends, male and female friends go comfort 🍒.

All just because she was fucking crying.

As I stand there. Feeling victimized at my own suffering. All because I had a vision, and it manifested into my existence. I knew I had a power, but this power was my greatest suffering in my past.

So how did I overcome this situation?

It began with FORGIVENESS.

☺️Years have passed and I forgave 🍒 & 👱. But I will never forget this story of what happened in my life because it was the first validation that I was indeed astral travelling.

Connection to love and astral traveling. I guess I have always traveled to those I love.

Never forgetting to forgive those who hurt me. Once you realize that past experiences are merely lessons. Of setting boundaries early in friendships and lovers you are surrounded by. Because you don’t know what type of upbringing others have. So, being clear at communicating with friends and your lover you are connected. It’s important to set healthy boundaries between both.

Sometimes I think this karma might have been from past life.

But I don’t dwell on this anymore, in fact. I decided to share this with all of you. Because I know I am not the only one who experienced suffering in high school.

Sometimes all you can do is just pray for people. Just because they are not apart of your life anymore doesn’t mean you can’t just love them from a distance. :-)

Sending 🍒 & 👱 healing love and positive light to their life now.

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Follow your heart always and NEVER forget to Communicate!

Lizbeth R. Esguerra

Liz Esguerra